AR500 Steel Silhouette Gong Targets
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Steel Silhouette Targets

Our Steel Silhouette Targets are reactive targets that provide immediate hit confirmation. Steel Targets are perfect for pistol or rifle target practice. Made in the U.S.A. from Military Grade AR500 Steel. Our Steel Targets are designed to withstand the repeated hammering of high caliber ammunition.


  • Steel ~ 3/8” AR500
  • Handguns ~ All Calibers including .22, 9mm, .357, .45, .44 Magnum, etc.
  • 25 yards minimum shooting distance recommended for handguns
  • Rifles ~ All Calibers including .223, .30-6, .308, 338 Lapau @ 200 yards 50BMG FMJ Round @ 400 yards
  • 100 yards minimum shooting distance recommended for rifles
  • Not for use with Armor Piercing or Steel Core Bullets
  • Do not use with rounds with a velocity of 3000 feet per second or greater
  • Target Dimensions: 20” (h) x 12 (w) x 3/8” thick
  • 3 holes for hanging
  • Weight ~ 21lbs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

 *Shooter and spectators should wear proper Eye and Ear Protection
*Minimum 25 Yards distance for Pistols
*Minimum 100 Yards distance for Rifles
*Shooter is responsible for use and misuse of Target
*Do not use Armor Piercing or Steel Core Bullets


  • Item #: AR500-ST

AR500 Steel Silhouette Target

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